Custom Computers

Gaming and Custom Workstation Computers

FrakTech will build you a custom gaming computer or business computer based on your budget.  We have the best building program around!

We will maximize the bang for your buck!

Here is how the process works (you can choose to do 1,2, or all 3 of these phases)(you will get a $25 discount for buying 2 phases and $50 for buying all 3 phases):

Phase 1 – Gaming Computer Consultation – $75

What you get:
An experienced gaming computer tech will sit down with you and help design the gaming computer of your dreams.
He will help you gather all of the parts you would like within your given budget.
When this is done you will know exactly what your computer consists of and what will be inside it.

Phase 2 – Gaming Computer Build, Test, and Burn in – 4 Levels – $75,$150,$225,$300

What you get:
Order, Build, Test
You can order the parts yourself or FrakTech can order them for you.
Once the parts get in, FrakTech will assemble your new gaming computer for you correctly, efficiently, and meticulously.
The computer will then be put through rigorous testing to ensure its functionality.

  • Level 1 – $75 – Bios Settings Configuration and Hardware Test + 1 day burn in
  • Level 2 – $150 – In addition to Level 1, Windows Installation and Drivers installation
  • Level 3 – $225 – In addition to Level 1 & 2, All Windows updates done to completion
  • Level 4 – $300 – This Level includes levels 1 & 2 & 3. This is for advanced builds that include any of the following. Multiple graphics cards, liquid cooling or raid setups. These builds take longer to build and test.

Phase 3 – Parts Warranty and Replacement Labor – additional $100

What you get:
If a part goes out in the computer or the computer is having troubles, bring the computer back to us and we will figure out what is wrong (hardware wise) and we will also take care of the warranty replacement and/or handle the replacing of the bad part.  The parts warranty length is based on the manufacturer warranty of the parts that are decided on.
The hardest part for you will just be getting your beafy gaming computer into our shop.

Benefits to having FrakTech build your computer:

We do not charge a markup on your parts.
Have an issue with your gaming computer down the road? No problem! Just bring it into our shop and we will get it fixed up for you! Gaming computers can be quite complicated to find out what is going wrong. Let FrakTech sweat the complicated problems and help keep you focused on your gaming or productivity.