Custom Computers

We provide custom-built computers to suit any need, from standard home and office computers to advanced water-cooled gaming rigs and workstation computers. You can count on a FrakTech-built computer for exceptional performance. Our computers are designed and built using parts of the highest quality.

Computer Repair

Getting a blue screen?

Is the computer randomly shutting down on you?

Software not working right?

Having issues running a game?

Is the computer not powered on?

These are just some of the issues you may be having. Let FrakTech diagnose and fix your computer for you so that you can continue doing what you need to do. Whether it is for work or play, we are here to help.


Is the Internet slower than it should be?

WiFi not working right?

FrakTech can help you diagnose and fix your various network issues.

Virus Removal

Are nasty popups bothering you?

Computer compromised?

Here at FrakTech, we can help eliminate viruses and offer solutions to help you move forward.

General IT Support

Whether you work from home or office, we can help with your day-to-day IT needs. From computer systems service and setup to printers and networking, FrakTech can help with all of it. We will come to you to set up your computer, network, and printers to get you up and running as quickly as possible.